Your Black Dog

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Your black dog’s afraid of thunder
She thinks it’s gonna hurt
So she’s hiding in the corner
Hunkered down making it worse

But there’s a reason for that fear
Even if it serves no need
The problem’s not how we got here
The problem’s where this leads

When you look up at the smokestack
To see if it will snow
You tell me which way the wind is blowing
And how it is you know

But I think you’re full of shit
And it’s coloring your eyes
Good thing it doesn’t matter except
For truth or dare or lies

So I had a talk with God myself
Just the other day
He said he was a fraud
Then he asked why I don’t pray

I looked him straight in the eye
I didn’t know what to say
So I just chuckled when he smiled
And we went our separate ways
Yeah we went our separate ways

Capo 3rd fret:

Em repeats

 Am       -       G       -

 D        -       Em      -
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