I Got Up

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Tickle the tongue, with a pun shout.
Put me down, blow in my mouth.
Hole in my brain, to let the air out.
Whahhhhh, whahhh, whahh.

Much too young, to be left out.
Rope around, all the way bound.
Al-most hung, where I was found.
Nahhhhh, nahhhh, nahh.

Face to face, with the last doubt.
Try to race, on the fast route.
Love the way, that I got out.
Yahhhhhhh, yahhh, yahh.

Day to day, still in the bout.
Have to stay, on the milk now.
Growing back, sunny eyes out.

I got up and I got out…

I wasn’t in the way

|-0-2-3-  repeats
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