Briers Of The Blackberries

A bird takes a seed and through the air it flies
Then drops it to the earth where it can start new life

Nothing here is hid without an alibi
In leaves that open out and reach up for the sky

So do we really need to tell ourself the lies
We make up and we spread around to justify

This time we’re spending loosely as it passes by
It’s lost so quickly that we never realize

Am I gonna go out
Should I even try
All this worry and thoughts
Of how, when and why

The briers of the blackberries intertwine
Brambling together both dead and alive

Behind the leaves my love there is a place to hide
To cover up our eyes and lay down beside

But before the singularity’s eternal life
So many that we love are are still going to die

We’ll give ourselves away and go into the night
And hope we come to life again with morning’s light

I’m gonna go out
I won’t even try
There’s no worry or thoughts
Of how, when or why

I won’t apologize
For what I didn’t do
Someday soon I hope
There’s nothing lose

I don’t even know why
I don’t need to know why
I don’t need to know how
I don’t want to try

I just wanna lay down
My heavy head now
Won’t you leave me alone
Don’t rattle my bones
Rattle my bones

Capo 7th fret

  Em               C                  G                D

  C        Em       G        D

Strumming Em - C - G - D
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